Undergraduate in Music Education @ Lionel Hampton School of Music

Growing up in rural Idaho is the thing that makes Cody's path into the world of music so unique. After he received a guitar and a few country records at a young age, it became clear that music would become a big part of his life. He was introduced to the bass and the vocal jazz program in high school, opening the door to many opportunities. By 17, he performed in local theaters and for various jazz soloists and ensembles, even ending up on stage at Lincoln Center as an accompanist just two days after graduating. These opportunities led him to the Lionel Hampton School of Music, where he would receive classical training on the double bass. Since then, he has been diving into his education degree and working on his craft by assisting with the Lionel Hampton School of Music's prep division Youth Orchestra. 

Cody plans on continuing his performance career after graduating with his bachelor's before eventually teaching in a public school music program.